PushAuto is an information and technology platform that enables its users to communicate with California’s top auto dealers for a great online car buying experience. Our mission is simple: make the car buying process convenient and easy. We endeavor to allow you to buy, lease or finance your next car from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We are neither a Dealership, nor are a broker. We are a research and technology services company.

PushAuto currently only provides data for new car dealers but we are planning to enter the used auto market in the near future.

This is our beta launch so if you catch any bugs with the platform or information missing from vehicle options, please let us know at feedback@pushauto.com

Data + Security

PushAuto obtains and processes data from well-known data aggregators within the automotive space to ensure that we present the most accurate pricing information available.

Dwolla protects customers’ data through secure servers and a world class cloud environment. Dwolla’s servers are encrypted with 128-bit or greater encryption controlled by Transport Layer Security (TLS), and sit behind firewall and intrusion protection. The cloud service offers a highly secure environment with a dedicated security team.

Again, this is a California issue. The CA DMV has yet to modernize their digital architecture and therefore will not accept digital signatures. This is why there are just a few contracts to sign when your car is delivered or when you come to pick it up.


We do not charge you any fees for using our service.

Once you have placed your offer, Dealers are instantly notified and typically respond within 24 hours.

A bank or credit union transaction usually takes 3-4 business days to complete via the automated clearing house (ACH) network used by banks to transfer funds. Please note that transfers take longer to complete if over a weekend or a holiday.

Dealers generally will do their best to match the car you have configured on PushAuto, but many times they will not have an exact match for the car you are looking to purchase. This is not the dealer's fault, but rather an issue with the way the original equipment manufacturers produce and market their vehicles. While some vehicles are produced in large numbers, other vehicles are produced in smaller numbers, not to mention the production of those cars with each different color and set of options. This creates a great deal of confusion for buyers that want a very specific configuration. Ultimately this can affect your expectations when looking over your offers, so it may be helpful to keep an open mind about the vehicles you’ve been offered.

Sometimes transactions to or from a bank or credit union can fail. Here are a few reasons why a transaction can fail:

  • Insufficient funds - There are insufficient funds in the sending bank or credit union account to complete the transaction.

  • Frozen Account – A bank or credit union account has been frozen.

  • Other Reasons – a bank or credit union rejects the transaction for some other reason.

If a transaction fails, please contact your bank or credit union to check on the status of your account. Then either re-initiate the transaction or ask your financial institution why the transaction may not be processed.

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, California has strange laws when it comes to new vehicles. Until you’ve actually paid for your vehicle in full (or the cost to drive it off the lot) it is illegal for the dealer to hold it for you if someone else is interested in purchasing that exact car. If you do happen to lose a deal because someone else purchases it before you complete your purchase a dealer will refund any money that has been put down.